Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Night Waltz

Come, let me teach you how to dance, let me show you how to follow the eddies and flow of the music.
Let the song overtake you, take my hand, and I'll show you how.
Together, as one, let your mind wander, listen to the whisper of the breeze, it's not hard, I'll show you how.

The night is young and the fireflies are quite a splendor to behold. Like mini galaxies they fill the heavens.
You're doing it. Now follow my lead, I've got your back. That wasn't hard now was it?

I ride the music as time stands still, as the world fades, and as my Father draws near. The music is all around me, like an ocean, so gentle yet so strong. I ride the currents in my Father's arms.
No more suffering no more pain.
This is a wonder to behold.
This is living. This is destiny.


  1. i felt as if i was dancing right along with you. so vibrant. :)