Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quiet Musings

She sat there in the quiet, reading, just reading. All the other children were outside engaged in bustling activities of stamina and performance.
But she never heard them as she escaped to the hidden world within the book bindings.
A mountain of books had accumulated around her; everything from encyclopedias to classic works of fiction.
The air was still, so still in fact, that the steady tick tock of the grandfather clock downstairs could be heard.

The others wouldn't understand her obsession with these books. All they saw was crude binds, she, saw so much more.
A fly buzzed around her face not phasing her concentration.

Within a few hours she had been a pirate, a starship captain, an explorer, and so much more. This world had become a pale existence as she rode the authors creative and witty words.

"Brooklyn, come down, it's time to eat." A voice downstairs called to her and she was stirred from the other world.
She saw that the sun was setting and realized just how long she had been reading.
"I'll be down in a moment." She called marking her place in the book. She gave its open inviting pages one more look before she ran downstairs to join her family around the table.

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  1. You completely voiced me :) Not many people understand books