Friday, December 30, 2011

Guardian Angel

While you were asleep I watched over you. While you were unaware I danced around you. When you gazed at the stars I gazed back.
I am the shadow in the night; I am the peace of mind when you sleep. Your Father has sent me to watch over you; I am your Guardian Angel.
I'm here to protect you and, like your Father in Heaven, will never leave you.
I have come and will not go.
Though life is hard never forget that I am there by your side.
Though the seas toss and turn around you never forget we are watching over you.
Threw summer's sun and winter's rain I have seen you grow and mature.

As you grow older do not forget we are watching over you and will never leave you. We are your Father's Heavenly Host.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"The Lightning Thief" Review

This book opened up on a unique, some might say strange, boy attending a rather unique school; particularly a field trip. Almost at once his world began to close in on him, and before long he was sucked into a fantastic world hidden in plain sight.
This is the only book written in First Person that I actually enjoyed reading.
The characters, some of them arc-types, were fantastic and colorful. I really like how Rick Riordan put a fresh spin on the Greek gods of old.

I don't want to give away to much; it really is an awesome book and if you haven't read it I think you should.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Slaves of Society

We are all slaves to society; bound to her will and wishes, held by invisible chains in a prison without walls. She controls every aspect of our lives at a whim, but, even she isn't the master.
We are all slaves to society.
We are bound by her judgment and face the wrath of her hand should we step out of line. She is our master.
One Nation under God; that is what our Fathers wanted; a society of equals run by a House of men and women who seek the betterment of this thing we call society. Alas; we are all slaves to her.
But I say; society is as much inward as it is outward. Did we make these things happen or did we let them happen?
Together we can shape this world around us into a better place; or let it rot. We can be salt in a world of dust, or a speck of sand in a vast desert.

Tell me. Will you define your circumstances or will your circumstances define you? 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Father Time

How many sunsets have you stolen from me? How many years have passed by my eyes? And how many more remain?
You are a worthy adversary; for you weaken even the strongest of men and crumble the tallest mountains.  You carve rivers and canyons and give wisdom to the unwise.
How many sunsets have you stolen from me?

You are why the mighty oak has not fallen and the bird gives thanks. You have seen cities rise and fall and mountains crumble under your might. Your face is like granite unchanging with each passing day.
You are our father; Father time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greetings Earthling

Welcome to my world, I hope you can stay. Here dreams become reality and reality become dream; I hope you can stay it’s quiet a nice place.
In this world anything is possible, and your imagination can take you to amazing places or hold you back.  I hope you can stay, you don’t know what you have been missing.

Welcome to my world; set your mind free. Welcome to my world; don’t let other’s opinions weigh you down.

I can only show you the door and tell you to watch your step; the rest is up to you if you’re willing to stay.
There are no boundaries here where stars are birthed, worlds are created, and civilisations set in motion. There are no boundaries, only the ones you set. It may seem hard at first but it will get easer as you go along. Welcome to my world; now let me help you find yours.

Here you can run faster, jump higher, and fly faster. Here you can scale buildings, climb mountains, and hold your breath longer. The sky is not the limit; now fly higher, dig deeper, and find your unique creative spark. Welcome to my world.