Friday, December 30, 2011

Guardian Angel

While you were asleep I watched over you. While you were unaware I danced around you. When you gazed at the stars I gazed back.
I am the shadow in the night; I am the peace of mind when you sleep. Your Father has sent me to watch over you; I am your Guardian Angel.
I'm here to protect you and, like your Father in Heaven, will never leave you.
I have come and will not go.
Though life is hard never forget that I am there by your side.
Though the seas toss and turn around you never forget we are watching over you.
Threw summer's sun and winter's rain I have seen you grow and mature.

As you grow older do not forget we are watching over you and will never leave you. We are your Father's Heavenly Host.

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  1. By all your work, especially this one, this blog deserves an awesome name like "fountains of inspiration" :D
    I love this.