Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Slaves of Society

We are all slaves to society; bound to her will and wishes, held by invisible chains in a prison without walls. She controls every aspect of our lives at a whim, but, even she isn't the master.
We are all slaves to society.
We are bound by her judgment and face the wrath of her hand should we step out of line. She is our master.
One Nation under God; that is what our Fathers wanted; a society of equals run by a House of men and women who seek the betterment of this thing we call society. Alas; we are all slaves to her.
But I say; society is as much inward as it is outward. Did we make these things happen or did we let them happen?
Together we can shape this world around us into a better place; or let it rot. We can be salt in a world of dust, or a speck of sand in a vast desert.

Tell me. Will you define your circumstances or will your circumstances define you? 


  1. Define your circumstances!!!!!
    I love this. Where you get the idea, i don't know. But this is just awesome.

  2. totally agree with ya on this one. we are slaves to our society. its like we shape yet we're destorying it at the same time. in the early times of our civilization they had it right. no war nor fighting. it was just peaceful where ever u went. so want that back. :)