Friday, August 24, 2012

Clay and Flesh

Birds sang their tranquil songs in the canopy of the lush subtropical forest.
Creatures of every kind, deer, apes, even giant dragons, all co-existed in this paradise. Everything was perfect. Everything was the way He intended it to be.

From His high perspective he saw the Garden and everything in it and smiled at the sight of such harmony.

A light breeze rustled the trees' leaves. And then the wind built up, stronger and stronger, now it was a gale circling around a small patch of bare earth all the while the beasts watched on.
The gale climaxed in the center of the exposed ground until dust was peppered into its center where it rode the invisible currents.
The dust began to clump together and form abstract shapes; more dust was introduced. A rough upright skeletal form took shape, arms, hand, and feet, all came into being.
Sand became calcium and calcium became marrow. Still in the center if the vortex organs, the essentials, grew from nothing.
The winds subsided a little and the being's feet touched the earth it was made of.
Nerves filled the frame like weeds and then muscle and sinew grew from dust particles that flew to the figure's outstretched arms as if they were made of iron attracted to large magnets.
These began to shine golden as they took on their final form.

The fully fleshed out figure fell to his knees bare, naked, and exposed.

The world was dark, why was it so dark, who was he, what was he.
He moved his fingers for the first time and felt the sand. For some reason he knew he was made from it. He gasped as his lungs took in the sweet air for the first time.
"Open your eyes my son." He heard a close voice say to him. And then he realized he had his eyelids clenched shuck.
He took in the Garden's spender for the first time and adsorbed its essence.
Looking around he knew he was home; this is where he belonged. But he still felt like he was missing something.
The name just came to him and he liked it. With his new name and a world of possibilities ahead of him there seemed nothing he couldn't do.
He looked down at his hand and saw the last bit of sand particles form into his new fingertips. Yes. This new life of his was going to be very interesting.


  1. i love the passion throughout. also the amount of detail put into every sentence is absolutly increadiable. why aren't you published yet? lol. ;)

  2. Josh, you are so talented! God has given you an amazing gift to write! Keep going buddy, keep soaring, keep writing. I'm so proud of you!!!