Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freedom's Call

Michigan's kin and Hawaii's child. Two faces pitted against each other; a national game afoot.
As brothers they have asked us to pick a side, Red or Blue. One a short sighted pachyderm and the other a lazy beast of burden.
To play the game, to hear them babble.
But what do they stand for?
With charismatic grins and flashy slogans they vi for our support, appealing to the masses as they flash their pearly white smiles. Demeaning the other as vile.
But behind the curtain what do they say?
Meanwhile chaos ensues separating families while Michigan's kin and Hawaii's child argue over petty matters.
We, brothers, need a true leader. One who will save a nation and heal the land. None of these petty games.
One drop can raise the ocean. One filled circle can change the course of a nation.
Will you play the game or look beyond the curtain.
As winter sets in choose wisely.

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