Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dance of Creation

Silence. A black pool of nothingness encompasses everything in a celestial pool of endless night. The canvas is set and the artist's brush is ready.
A breath. A thought. A spark.
Light bursts forth from a single point followed by a string of entrancing melodies all climaxing from a baritone octave.
Matter. Energy. Gravity.
Vibrant reds and blues pierce the darkness transforming it. Molding it.
The colors interact and collide in ambient dances of abstract beauty.
A high vocal melody resonates through the primal soup.
A dance of a different kind begins.
The reds, blues, and now greens swirl in on each other; a whirlpool of energy and potential.
A light pierces the darkness. Than another and another. All singing an echo of the original note that called them into existence.

Spinning. Everything is spinning. Like clockwork the new stars dash past each other.
Primal rocks form around the dots of light until they are hulking masses each more bizarre then the last.
Silence. Energy. Ambient energy permeates the universe as it now can be called something.
A single star in a small corner of creation sit snugly as its array of planets makes their rounds around its hulking radiant mass.
A cozy planet, not to hot, and not to cold, enjoys its energy on one side as a man and his daughter enjoy a summer night waltz of elegant beauty.
It's a big world out there. And it's Creator is even bigger.

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